Product Description: ANDROXINE 50mg ALPHA PHARMA

ANDROXINE 50mg by ALPHA PHARMA is a powerful and reliable anabolic steroid designed to enhance athletic performance and promote muscle growth. With its exceptional quality and effectiveness, this product is a top choice for both beginners and experienced athletes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhances muscle mass: ANDROXINE 50mg stimulates protein synthesis, leading to increased muscle growth and strength.
  • Boosts performance: This product improves endurance, stamina, and overall athletic performance, allowing you to push your limits and achieve your goals.
  • Accelerates recovery: ANDROXINE 50mg reduces muscle fatigue and promotes faster recovery after intense workouts, enabling you to train more frequently and effectively.
  • Increases nitrogen retention: By enhancing nitrogen retention in the muscles, this steroid creates an optimal anabolic environment, facilitating muscle development.
  • Improves red blood cell production: Increased red blood cell production enhances oxygen delivery to the muscles, resulting in improved endurance and reduced fatigue.

Possible Side Effects:

  • Androgenic effects: ANDROXINE 50mg may cause acne, oily skin, and increased facial or body hair growth.
  • Estrogenic effects: Although rare, this product may lead to water retention, gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue in males), or increased blood pressure.
  • Hepatotoxicity: Prolonged or excessive use of ANDROXINE 50mg can strain the liver, so it is essential to follow recommended dosages and cycle lengths.

Usage and Dosage:

For beginners, a typical dosage of ANDROXINE 50mg is 25-50mg per day, taken orally. Experienced athletes may increase the dosage to 50-100mg per day for enhanced results. It is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional or experienced trainer before starting any steroid cycle.

Value for the Buyer:

ANDROXINE 50mg offers immense value to buyers looking to achieve their fitness goals. With its potent formula and proven effectiveness, this product provides a reliable means to enhance muscle growth, improve performance, and accelerate recovery. By choosing ANDROXINE 50mg, buyers can expect exceptional results and take their athletic endeavors to the next level.

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Active ingredient

Trenbolone Aqua Suspension

Active ingredient, mg


form of production


1 ampoule, ml


Ampoules per pack, pcs.



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